Welcome to the Gatsbybuilding Palmgarden!

Unser Standort:

The name is programme! Gatsby is famous for its many green areas. One of the most beautiful ones is the Palmgarden.

Within sight of the park, founded in 1899, is the Gatsby-House Palmgarden. Whether you want to go for a walk, exercise or just want to relax after a stressful day at Uni, the Palm Garden offers ideal occurences for a Gatsby, in order to enjoy life to the full!

Who is living in the Gatsby-House Palmgarden, lacks nothing. With integrated fitness and wellness area, a Gatsby lives to the highest standard.


With an outdoor barbecue in the courtyard there is the opportunity for residents to spend evenings together and hence get to know each other better.

In addition to a secure bicycle rack, there is a laundry with both washing machines and dryers, as well as a large drying room. 

And all of this is at absolutely fair conditions! 

That is exactly what you are looking for?

In that case save yourself a room HERE at the Gatsby-House Palmgarden!